Select your workshops for D.Day - Smart Buildings 29th August

Smart Construction – Organizer: Fira

Why the construction industry's development in prefabrication and modularity hasn’t taken any major steps in the last fifty years? Why every other branch of manufacturing industry are lightyears away? We met and interviewed all major construction companies in Finland and found the answer to this systemic problem. Come to Fira’s workshop, where we share our key findings about what’s stopping us from making a productivity leap. Let’s solve together how we use these findings, rethink construction industry’s basic assumptions and jump to a new era of productivity!


Arctic Smartness Village - A New Standard of Smart Living – Organizer: Arctic2020

Our passion is to create an living environment where people are happy, living is cozy, easy and vital and where people care of each other. With smart solutions in energy, bio-economy, community, resource management, economy, circular-economy, sustainability, humanity, home devices, ownerships and decision making we are raising the bar of Smart living -ideology to a whole new level! Smartness is a pervasive way of thinking the eco-system at the villages! In workshop we want to develop the business model sharper to make this concept better and think how we should prepare to international markets. Come and join us to lead a way in progress together!


Smart City of Tampere – Housing as a Service. Case Hiedanranta, Tampere – Organizer: City of Tampere

Our aim is to challenge companies, universities and research institutions to discuss and develop how their product or service will improve e.g. the quality, cozyness, comfort, ecology, or sense of community in living. We will also present concrete possibilities on realizing these plans and ideas, e.g. the Hiedanranta brown field area.


Creating Customer Experience in Smart Cities - Experience X Ecosystems – Organizer: Kone

Ecosystem driven culture focusing to the users and their experience. How to be ready for the change? 1 billion users, 1 million devices and half a million customers. Come and share your ideas on how we could create unique experience together. We will also discuss what kind of capabilities are needed to create a change.


Eco-systems in smart districts – Organizer: VTT

How to create sustainable eco-systems for smart transformation in built environment. What are the actions and actors need to create concrete upgrading of districts. Nordic co-operation projects will also discussed. The concrete case example where the best ideas are implemented is Otaniemi: smart buildings integrated to district.