Select your workshops for D.Day - Transport and Mobility on 20th June

Autonomous Mobility and Connectivity Testing - Nokia

Autonomous Mobility is an essential function of future vehicles and transportation, whether on land, at sea or in the air. Additionally vehicles need connectivity for providing more service value, quality and intelligence of transport systems – but also entertainment for human customers. Technology for autonomous mobility is very demanding while it can be commercially very rewarding. Connectivity for these systems will be wireless, of course, and in this workshop we aim at understanding the needs for connectivity and the ways of building wireless testing environments for them

Last Mile Logistics - VTT

The increasing needs of consumers, businesses and micro actors require new logistics systems. The goods flows are shrinking, while all the addresses are becoming a potential delivery and pick-up points. Thus, existing material flows need to be consolidated in novel ways. Both the first mile and last mile need novel, efficient solutions, when the interest on online shopping/retail, local food/shopping directly from farmers and C2C logistics are growing. Accordingly, also some food and ground floor companies are considering novel business models that individualize services to consumers, examples include tailored meal bags. As today, the last mile is a restricting point.

Blockchain Utilization in Transportation - CGI

Block-chain workshop: intention is to brainstorm on how block-chain technology can be utilised for implementing a solution for tracking, validating and sharing changes to the data in an environment where several parties share and utilise the same set of data. Practical use cases can be e.g. tracking and validating the usage of “10 times travel ticket” when ticket is valid for several operators’ services, or keeping a track of delivery/travel documents that are updated along the delivery/travel chain. Workshop aims to recognise the required logical components for such an implementation, and to draft potential ecosystem with roles that are present in such an implementation

One Sea autonomous shipping test area – Outlining connectivity infrastructure and testing facilities - Dimecc

The objective of the One Sea ecosystem is to create the world’s first autonomous marine transport system to the Baltic Sea. Ships will be fully autonomous in 2025. The first pilots and applications in months to come are cargo ships and freight. One Sea is establishing a test area on the Finnish coast. Test area objective is to offer platform to test connectivity solutions performance, reliability and safety for remotely piloted and autonomous maritime solutions. Workshop participants will be able to pitch and present their interests, offerings and capabilities to engineer and/or exploit the connectivity testing possibilities of the area. Discussions about potential joint development projects will be initiated at the workshop.

Building the Next Mode of Transportation - Hyperloop One

Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation that will move people and cargo at airline speeds, on-demand and direct to destination. It is taking a partner-centric approach to building the market for its system in collaboration with other engineering, technology and transportation firms. Hyperloop One will present its technology and market progress to date, along with a glimpse of its R&D roadmap and challenges. Finnish participants will be able to pitch and present their offerings and capabilities. Discussions about potential joint development projects will be initiated at the workshop.

Pilot project for UAS traffic management system (UTM)

Number of drones is growing rapidly. Drones (UAS) shouldn’t collide with each other. Drones must without fail keep a safe distance from manned aircraft. Drone pilots should be aware of the adequate rules. Drone operations must adapt to public safety. Additionally, there must soon be a way to positively identify every drone. That is why UAS traffic management systems will become obligatory. Positively, UTM system will enable drone related businesses grow safely. Workshop idea is bringing these elements and viewpoints together to outline a pilot project for UAS traffic management system (UTM).